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Western Native Voice Holds Local Programs

Western Native Voice Holds Local Programs Western Native Voice Holds Local Programs

Western Native Voice conducted legislative community tours at several area stops including Wolf Point, Poplar, Brockton, Fort Kipp and Oswego last week. The goal of the sessions was to promote voting registration and update citizens of the recent Montana legislative session.

Ta’jin Perez, deputy director for Western Native Voice, provided information and answered questions during the program held in Wolf Point on Friday, July 28. He said the inaugural tour on the Fort Peck Reservation went very well.

“A lot of what we’ve been hearing has to do with public safety,” Perez said regarding feedback.

He noted some individuals feel there’s a need for greater security in their communities. “Some folks don’t feel there’s enough accountability going on,” Perez said.

Other concerns have included a desire to offer more support for youth. He said tribal officials discussed a new gaming compact in order to raise revenue.

“It’s been a packed couple of days,” Perez said of the tour.

Western Native Voice officials plan to hold programs with Crow and Northern Cheyenne next.

“It’s the best way to engage with folks, face to face,” Perez said.

Established in 2022, Western Native Voice works to nurture and empower new native leaders and impact policies affecting Native Americans through community organizing, education, leadership and advocacy. The group’s mission is to work with Native American communities to build political and personal power to impact policies affecting their communities.


Ta’jin Perez of Western Native Voice speaks during the program.

(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)

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