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neighbors, the entities of Roosevelt ….

neighbors, the entities of Roosevelt County and the City of Wolf Point can work together. He feels the quicker that the properties are addressed, the sooner the county can re-coup taxable value.

“I think it’s a good thing. We need to figure out how to get it to work,” Toavs said.

Dschaak said he hopes that every municipality can work on a separate MOU with the county regarding the issue. He asked commissioners to look over the proposed MOU, make changes and then provide the changes to him.

He said he doesn’t take comments made during the meetings personally, because each party has a job to do.

“I know we can come to an agreement,” Dschaak said.

Macdonald replied, “And we will.”

The commissioners will review the MOU sometime in August and then meet with Dschaak at a later date.

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