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County Sees Cannabis Sales Dip Slightly During June

After a strong May, cannabis sales experienced a drop in June for Roosevelt County. According to figures from the Montana Department of Revenue, Roosevelt County had $318,791 in estimated total county sales during June. That amount includes $241,814 for adult-use sales and $76,977 for medical sales.

By comparison, total sales reached $337,818 during May. That figure included $250,485 for adultuse sales.

Sales figures for other eastern Montana counties during June included $857,804 for Richland, $151,594 for Valley, $603,686 for Dawson, $104,072 for Custer and $76,629 for Sheridan.

Voters in each of the three counties approved 3 percent taxes for medical and “adult-use” sales during elections held in 2022.

Funds from the taxes will be split with 50 percent going to the county, 5 percent to the state and the rest divided among the cities.

Sales for the state of Montana reached $26,935,335 during June. The only month with more sales in the state was March at $27,098,679.

Estimated sales in the state since January 2022 are $458,988,675.

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