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County Changes Camera System For Detention

Roosevelt County Commissioners approved a new camera system for the detention center during their meeting on Tuesday, July 11.

Maintenance supervisor Craig Karge reported that two “important” cameras aren’t working. He noted that the current company in Indiana would charge $15,000 just to repair those two cameras.

A proposal from Systems Northwest of Billings will provide labor and materials to replace the existing security camera system with a new Digital Watchdog camera system. All the existing cameras will be integrated into the new camera system. Cost is $39,277.

The two broken cameras will be replaced under the agreement.

Karge noted that when a camera needs to be repaired now, the company in Indiana charges close to $10,000 each time.

Commissioners Gordon Oelkers and Gary Macdonald approved the proposal from Systems Northwest. Commissioner Robert Toavs was absent. Funds will come from the general fund for county buildings.

Also during the meeting, the commissioners declared the existence of a series of county roads. Oelkers said the road are on the far east side of the Fort Peck Reservation. The roads include portions of Roads 2054, 1030, 1032, 2050 and 1036.

Commissioners approved a resolution to call for a hearing to hear public input on accepting additional roads as public roads. The roads will include all or part of Roads 1030, 1034, 2047, 1035, 2048, 2047, 1037, 2046, 1040, 2049, 2050, 1046, 2055, 1041, 1043 and 2058.

The meeting will take place on July 31 starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Brockton Schools’ administrative building.

Commissioners approved the promotion of sheriff’s office employee Jason Baker to the rank of lieutenant. He replaces Tim Lingle, who resigned in June.

April Wills was appointed to the Bainville Museum board of directors.

Annual pay raises for dispatch employee Rita Diserly and road department employee Jared Poland were approved.

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