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North Of Nowhere Provides Qualify Food Option

North Of Nowhere Provides Qualify Food Option North Of Nowhere Provides Qualify Food Option

A new food vendor at this year’s Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede offered a familiar taste to some area residents.

North of Nowhere Farms, located in Opheim, has been known for offering quality beef sticks at several Montana locations including bars and convenience stores for the past two years. One of its top locations of the 40 retailers in the state is Stockman Bar in Wolf Point. People can also order the beef snack sticks online by going to

The food offered by Darlis Nordhagen and Coreen Dear-Schumacher increased recently after the Opheim rodeo wanted someone to provide concessions.

“They needed someone to do concessions so we wanted to make it good,” Nordhagen said.

Along with top-notch smashed burgers, North of Nowhere developed the “cowboy parfait.” The filling meal served in a cup includes shredded beef, creamy coleslaw and loaded baked beans.

“It went over really well,” Nordhagen said.

In addition, Eugene’s Pizza gave approval for them to use Sam and Jeff’s “sweet” BBQ sauce.

“So, we’re featuring another local product,” Nordhagen said.

The vendors were pleased that the Cowboy Parfait was also a hit during Wolf Point Stampede week.

The Nordhagen family are third generation northeastern Montana farmers. They said a top priority is ensuring exceptional health and humane treatment of their animals. Their website reads, “We know that vigilance in caring for North of Nowhere cattle is the best way to give our customers meat that provides exceptional nourishment and peace of mind.”

The farm’s pastures are located only about five miles from the Canadian border.

“They are American cattle, but they can look at Canada,” Nordhagen laughed.

She explains that their cattle are valued not only for the exceptional meat they provide, but also for their crucial contribution to their regenerative agriculture practices. The cattle helps improve the health of the prairie soil and the nutrient density of its food supply in a natural, chemical-free way.

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