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School Board Discusses Series Of Issues

School Board Discusses Series Of Issues School Board Discusses Series Of Issues

Wolf Point School board trustees discussed topics including job descriptions, bus lease options and a possible land purchase during a special meeting on Wednesday, June 28.

Trustees reviewed new job descriptions developed by superintendent Eileen Karge and consultant C. Susan Brown. Karge explained the job descriptions were made using input from the Montana School Board Association and staff members. Trustees were thankful that updates have been made to job descriptions.

Trustee Roxanne Gourneau said that she feels the new superintendent, who starts in July, should review the job descriptions before trustees approve them.

Trustee Michael Turcotte made a motion to clean-up the grammar on the job descriptions and then have new superintendent David Perkins review the information.

Turcotte’s motion passed by a 3-2 margin.

Trustees discussed whether buses should be available for leasing during the summer. One matter that came up was that the high school’s football players weren’t allowed to use a school bus for a summer camp in Dickinson, N.D. Board chair Bif Loucks said other teams traveled on their school buses to the camp.

Karge said the Montana School Board Association said it’s not good practice to allow the leasing of school buses.

Gourneau pointed out that students should be allowed to reach the best potential of themselves.

“I think it needs to be explored,” she said.

School officials will reach out to attorneys for advice and wording regarding a possible agreement for a leasing situation.

Karge provided information regarding 11 acres of land available south of Faith Home. Current asking price is $165,000, but the price might be decreased.

Karge feels the location would be suitable for a new elementary school, full-sized gym and new kitchen.

Some of the funding could come from Impact Aid funds. Voters would need to approve the purchase because the land isn’t connected to school property.

“This is a huge discussion,” Karge said. She noted the school district could start saving additional funds for the building and start building in five or six years. Maintenance problems at Southside Elementary School continue to grow.

Gourneau feels the school district should advertise to see if other land is also available. She mentioned the cost of surveying and other processes.

“I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but maybe we have more options,” Gourneau said.

Trustee Elizabeth DeCoteau Lingle noted that students need a new school badly, and the school district should make the project a priority.

“I’m just bringing it to you to begin the conversation,” Karge said.

Teachers hired during the meeting were Tiana Smoker for junior high science, Nelson Caday for junior high social studies, Jimwell Guiterrez for junior high/high school English and Mary Ann Jaraula at Southside. Extra- curricular hires included Lindsay Nefzger transferring from junior high volleyball coach to high school assistant volleyball coach.

Trustees received information from the Montana School Board Association regarding the presence of firearms on campus by a school resource officer or school marshal.

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