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City Council Talks Storm Drains, Annexation

The Culbertson Town Council held its regular meeting on Monday, June 12. Bob Jasper told the council that storm drains should be installed by the end of the week.

The council discussed ownership of a new building planned at Big Sky Field. Talks are ongoing.

Members of the Culbertson Women’s Club attended the meeting to argue for progress on the pool bathhouse project. The council is moving forward with a grant application. Talks regarding a possible levy are ongoing.

A petition to annex the Northington property from within the Culbertson city limits into Roosevelt County will be completed before the next meeting. A new petition for an adjoining property was also considered for removal from the town. Talks are ongoing.

A site plan for a new building on the east edge of town was discussed for C& B Operations. There were questions raised about whether the structure will be on county land or town land. Talks are ongoing.

A family pool pass was approved for RMHF.

The council approved a plan to reactive the Culbertson Economic Development Corp. to assist with Ike’s Pond and the proposed bathhouse.

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office is requesting a new floor and some door repairs at the substation on Broadway Avenue. The council reviewed the Interlocal Law Enforcement Agreement.

Three lifeguards were approved for hire at the municipal pool, adding to the growing staff.

A request was approved for a staging site for playground improvements at Culbertson School.

Carl Donaldson was appointed to the council to fill a vacancy left by Todd Gabriel, who has been appointed mayor. Resolutions were approved establishing personnel wages and a preliminary budget for 2023-24.

A budget workshop was held following the meeting. There was no public comment.

The next council meeting is set for July 10 at 6:30 p.m.

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