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Flooding On The Milk, Landspout In Lustre

Heavy rainfall up to 4 inches caused flash flooding in western Valley County over the past week. Road damage happened in the Hinsdale area, with portions of Larb Creek Road, Kirwin Road, Willow Creek Road, Vandalia Road and the Tampico Highway all damaged from washout and/or flooded. Water was reported over U.S. Highway 2 east of Glasgow in Valley and Phillips counties June 3.

At press time, NWSG reports that minor flooding continues on the Milk River at Glasgow. The river is still near a 28.63 feet crest, but it is forecast to gradually fall to below flood stage by Friday morning. Use caution if walking near riverbanks and turn around if encountering flooded roads.

Temps will remain in the upper 80s through the weekend, with a high of 85 degrees forecast for Thursday. Thunderstorms are becoming more numerous as the week progresses. A NWSG social media post states, “High water on area creeks, streams and rivers will begin to subside with the drier conditions early in the week, but the potential for heavy rain again late in the week, could bring water levels back up.”

A storm survey has been completed for the landspout that occurred near Lustre on June 1. No visible damage to property or fields were observed leading to an EF Rating of Unknown, according to a social media post from the National Weather Service in Glasgow. The unknown rating is issued when there is visual and recorded evidence of a tornado, but no damage occurred. The system was high-based and not associated with a traditional supercell and the spin up was a result of outflow boundaries converging in the areas, according to NWSG.

The National Weather Service is forecasting heavy rain on Thursday, June 8, and heavy rain and flooding on Friday, June 9.

The forecast includes a slight risk of excessive rainfall through early Saturday morning, greater than 15 percent chance, for Petroleum, southern Phillips and western Garfield counties.

Heavy rain will bring a risk of flood flooding, causing gumbo and gravel roads to be nearly impassable in some areas.

The forecast includes a 13 percent probability that the Wolf Point area will have at least 1 inch of rainfall through Friday night.

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