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Vasquez Sentenced For Aggravated Assault

Jody Vasquez was sentenced to 10 years with the Department of Corrections, with five years suspended, for the offense of aggravated assault. He was also fined $1,000 and must register as a violent offender. The sentence came from district judge David Cybulski during a hearing in district court on Tuesday, May 23.

When he changed his not guilty plea in March, Vasquez admitted to striking the victim three or four times.

A character witness, testifying against Vasquez, said she once considered Vasquez like a brother to her. That was before she saw him point a gun at a friend in a vehicle.

She testified that she saw Vasquez smother a female with a pillow and laugh about it afterwards. She said that he has a history of abusing women. She feels that drugs and alcohol were common in all the cases.

“There’s no limit to what Jody feels he can get away with,” she said. She added that the victim will never feel save from him and that the victim continues to have nightmares.

Cybulski told Vasquez that without “real help” some day the defendant will smack someone so hard that the person dies.

The judge followed the joint plea agreement and urged Vasquez to take advantage of programs offered by the Montana Department of Corrections.

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