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Sink Holes Prompt Closure Of Makoshika’s Road

The switchback road at Makoshika State Park is closed to vehicle traffic following formation of sink holes after the most recent rain event.

This public safety closure will remain in effect until further notice.

There is currently no access to the new picnic shelter, the amphitheater, some trails and primitive camping sites located above the switchback.

Hike/bike traffic is still permitted at this time.

The Makoshika Visitor Center, Canes Campground and other facilities below the switchback are open normal hours of operation as they are NOT impacted by this partial closure.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks engineers will be on site next week to evaluate the stability of the switchback and plan repairs.

Please direct any questions to Makoshika State Park at 406-377-6256 or the Region 7 office at 406-234-0941.

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