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Indian Caucus Reports Success During Session

The Montana American Indian Caucus made a strong presence during the state’s 68th legislative session this year, said Lance FourStar of Wolf Point.

FourStar served as the director for the Montana American Indian Caucus during the session. He was a joint staffer in the House and the Senate.

A key piece of legislation was the Montana Indian Child Welfare Act.

Bills that the Montana American Indian Caucus supported that passed included revising and extending the missing indigenous persons task force, increasing penalties for passing school buses, revising corporation laws regarding tribal entities and eliminating property tax statute of limitations on refunds.

Other successful bills that the caucus supported included a joint resolution to recognize the Indian Boarding School experience and establishing the Chief Earl Old Person Memorial Highway.

“The senators and representatives of the Montana American Indian Caucus are modern day warriors who stand for the rights of their people and create innovative solutions to opposition in a super majority that could have crippled state-tribal relations,” FourStar said. “Thank you to all the Montana American Indian Caucus leadership, chairman Small and vice chairman Running Wolf, along with guests, staff and allies who made this legislative session a model of excellence whose footsteps should be followed.”

Legislators on the caucus included Sen. Jason Small, Sen. Mike Fox, Sen. Shane Morigeau, Sen. Susan Webber, Rep. Tyson Running Wolf, Rep. Donovon Hawk, Rep. Frank Smith, Rep. Sharon Stewart Peregoy, Rep. Marvin Weatherwax, Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy, Rep. Rhonda Knudsen.

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