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Hunter Education Committee Meets

The Hunter and Bowhunter Education Advisory Committee will meet at the University of Providence in Great Falls June 6-7.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks director Hank Worsech has convened the committee to look at improving the hunter and bowhunter education programs. This will be their first meeting. The committee will focus on strategies for recruiting new volunteer instructors, implementing field days for online students, and improving landowner relations and hunter ethics within the curriculum.

FWP solicited applications for the committee and chose 23 members representing all parts of the state. The group will review the manuals, online programs and field day outlines, and develop actionable recommendations for Worsech and the hunter/ bowhunter education staff to implement.

Starting in 2024, FWP will require a field day for all hunter and bowhunter education students under 18, including those taking the course online.

For more information, contact Greg Lemon at 406-4444038 or via email at

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