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Glory Garfield

Glory Garfield Glory Garfield

Glory Mae Garfield, 62, died May 7, 2023.

She was born in Denver, Colo., on Oct. 24, 1960 to Nancy ComesLast and Tex Garfield. She went to school and got her GED.

She loved camping, fishing and loved animals. She enjoyed playing piano and performing for friends and family.

She was with William Baker for 14 years and loved to travel with him in the semi.

She is survived by four daughters, Sarah, Leanna, Donna and Gloria; brothers, Randy Lambert, Ernest ComesLast and Rocky Garfield; and sister, Winnifred Schafer.

She enjoyed her family and kept everyone laughing and seeing everyone with a smile on their face.

She was free with kisses and hugs. She was kind and

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