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the worst session in terms ….

the worst session in terms of personalities, in terms of getting things done, and in terms of just how the supermajority manipulated everything. They didn’t even need us basically.”

Morigeau, who finished his fourth session, said there is a need to continue to fight for everyday Montnans in the next Legislature.

“I just feel like we’re going to continue to try and close the gaps on a lot of these statistics that we see, whether it’s in the justice system, the health care system for Native populations, and Montanans in general,” Morigeau said in an interview with MTFP and ICT. “At the end of the day, I think we’re trying to just look out for working people, and that’s what we’re gonna come back and do is try to make sure there’s equity in our governmental systems for the working-class Montanans.”

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