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Farmers Start Busy Season

After a slower than normal start, Roosevelt County farmers have been hard at work during the past couple of weeks.

“A lot of them got going this past week,” MSU Extension agent for Roosevelt County Wendy Becker said on Thursday, May 11.

She noted that many of the farmers made sure they performed planting before the steady rain that happened later in the week.

“We will take any moisture any time that we can get it,” Becker said. Becker noted the later start for planting was due because of snow and cold soil temperatures.

“Either way, we were going to get delays,” she said.

According to the Montana Crop Progress report dated May 7, 71.4 percent of the state was experiencing dry or drought conditions, up from 68.4 percent from the previous week.

The report noted that 32 percent of spring wheat and 43 percent of barley has been planted in the state.

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