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Trail To The Stars Wins Campaign Award

Montana’s Trail to the Stars has been awarded the Marketing Campaign of the Year award for its outstanding tourism-related marketing campaign executed within the past calendar year.

The project is a collaboration among Central Montana, Southeast Montana and Montana’s Missouri River Country along with Montana State Parks to promote and celebrate the region’s wide-open dark skies, which offer some of the most stunning stargazing experiences in the world.

The Trail to the Stars project includes more than 45 locations across all three eastern tourism regions, all ideal for stargazing.

Through the media campaign, a map and a website, visitors have been inspired to view eastern Montana in a new way through this free activity anyone can enjoy, any time of year.

The Trail to the Stars project is a collaboration where all partners worked together to establish the trail from identifying locations to naming the trail and creating the brand, to developing the website and tear-off map. This project has created a network of astronomy enthusiasts, local businesses and community members who work together to promote the region’s dark skies.

The project has increased visitation and revenue for the eastern tourism regions, helped to promote tourism in the area and raised awareness of the importance of preserving the night sky while encouraging local communities to reduce light pollution.

For more information about Montana’s Trail to the Stars, contact Montana’s Missouri River Country at [email protected]

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