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Speaker Stresses Importance Of Culture

Speaker Stresses Importance Of Culture Speaker Stresses Importance Of Culture

Singer Talibah Begay presented an uplifting message to South Side Elementary School students during an assembly at the school on Wednesday, April 26.

Begay, who is Navajo from Shiprock, N.M., released her first album when she was only 13 years old. She released another album at the age of 14 and her third album when she was 16.

She notes that she was raised with the values of the Navajo culture. She talked about her grandmother’s influence during the assembly.

“They showed me the strength of my music,” Begay said. “She taught me how powerful we are as indigenous people to heal through our music.”

She stressed the importance of music to the elementary students.

“You do it to help and heal the people,” she said.

Begay encouraged students to have good thoughts and good intentions toward all people.

“Bless yourself,” she said. “Material things can come around again, but you only get one life. Always make good choices in your life.”

She noted that grandparents pray for their grandchildren to have good lives.

“You are your grandparents’ prayers,” she said.

Begay then introduced the students to social dancing and art culture. While she provided the music, students danced around the gym in celebration.

The Wolf Point Indian Education Committee made the presentation possible.

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