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Cartoonist Shares Goals With Children At Schools

Cartoonist Shares Goals  With Children At Schools Cartoonist Shares Goals  With Children At Schools

Educator Mark Mindt taught several lessons to Southside Elementary School students including being cartoonists during a returned visit to Wolf Point on Wednesday, April 26.

Mindt, known as Koda the Warrior, explains that he had his first book of cartoons published in 2003, but this marks his first year where he is committed to touring schools.

“I’ve taken this year to follow this project,” Mindt said. “I’m having a blast.”

Area schools that he has visited included Poplar, Frazer, Brockton, Glasgow, Hinsdale and Nashua.

He has also been a guest presenter in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota and Nebraska. His plans include visiting students in Canada.

“We’re going to go North America,” he laughed.

Mindt explains his goal is to get children writing and illustrating. After visiting schools, he develops a specific comic book for the school with illustrations from their own students. “It’s their published book,” Mindt noted.

Points that Mindt stress to students include increase attendance, promote positive behavior and achieve academically.

“Since we’re here, we’re already good people,” Mindt said of school attendance. “The learning comes easy.”

When teaching the students to draw, he tells them to be cool, calm and relaxed. He plays a flute to help set a mellow tone.

Along with presenting at several Southside classes, Mindt also talked to students at Northside Elementary School.

“Cool and calm can do amazing things,” Mindt said.

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