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Commissioners Approve Mutual Aid Resolution

Roosevelt County commissioners agreed to a mutual aid agreement with other eastern Montana counties during their weekly meeting on Tuesday, April 18. The resolution allows the county to provide and receive assistance to the extent of its resources and capabilities to protect the public’s health and safety during disasters and emergencies.

When commissioners were asked the intent of the resolution, they replied that it’s to provide mutual aid and equipment if needed during an emergency.

“It says we will work together,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said. “People have resources we don’t have and we might have something they don’t have.”

Also during the meeting, commissioners approved the resolution to set the new districts for county commissioners. A certificate needed to be filed in the clerk and recorder’s office designating the metes and bounds of the boundary lines and limits of each commissioner district. The changes were needed because District I had 400 more people than each of the other two districts. With the change, the population changes to 3,791 for District 1, 3,420 for District 2 and 3,583 for District 3. The difference follows the state’s requirement to be within 10 percent of each district.

Commissioners approved the Weeks’ family transfer/boundary relocation request in Culbertson.

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