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Bainville Council Considers Prayer, Late Fees

The Bainville Town Council held their regular meeting Monday, April 10. The full council was in attendance. Council member Will Rathbun moved to approve the agenda with the addition of a fence permit request from Jason Westbury at 204 Rhea Avenue West. The addition was approved and the permit was also pending a physical inspection.

During public comment, Jess Malkuch inquired about his sewer backing up in his basement in the last month. Mayor Toby Romo said he will look into the sewer lines in his alley.

A request from council member Carol Rasmussen was put forward to start council meetings with a prayer. Mayor Romo suggested checking with Town Attorney Laura Christofferson. Christofferson advised a moment of silence as an alternative. She said prayers are only clearly permitted if there are no objections raised in each instance by the council, mayor or attendees from the public. The matter will be discussed at the next council meeting.

The council discussed assessing a late fee for any bills 30 days late. A suggestion was made to add a $15.00 late fee every 30 days. Discussion will be ongoing.

Rathbun moved to adopt a resolution providing an amendment of the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 budget to acknowledge amending expenditures exceeding the original appropriations. The motion passed.

An ordinance amending Title 4 Sewer and Water Chapters 02 Sewer Connection Regulations and 06 Water Regulation to include a change in fees was passed.

A motion was passed establishing fees for connection to water and sewer infrastructure. Customers will not be billed to turn the water off at the curb stop. Council member Nick Tester moved to adopt a resolution with additional language “No charge for maintenance or emergency related shut offs.”

Mayor Romo told the council that he discussed Chapter 7.06 Nuisances with the Roosevelt County Attorney. He said they are willing to enforce any citations related to 7.06.015 restricting the keeping of junk and declaring junk as a nuisance.

There were no citations issued by the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office in Bainville in March.

Minutes for February were approved, as were financials and claims. The next council meeting will be Monday, May 8, at 7 p.m. at the city office.

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