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Wemmer Challenges Clark In District Five School Board Race

Lanette Clark is seeking re-election on the Wolf Point School Board for district five. Trenton C. Wemmer filed to run against Clark.

The following answers were given to a questionnaire sent to the candidates. Why did you decide to run for a trustee position? Clark: I am currently on the school board and I bring my knowledge that I have gained as a trustee over the years to the board. I enjoy helping others and have volunteered for college, school and church functions. I have sat on various local boards as well. I want to keep every kid in our schools and see them graduate. I understand it takes a village to raise a child.

Wemmer: I decided to run for school board, when I was approached by a community member, if I had ever thought about running for a school board position? After thinking about it and a spot opened in my district. I decided to put in for it!

Why do you feel you are qualified to serve on the school board?

Clark: I live a sober life and work at being a positive role model every day. I earned my BS degree from Rocky Mountain College-Billings and my MBA-AIE from Gonzaga University-Spokane, Wash. I know education is an important tool in today’s world and continue to encourage everyone to continue on with education.

Wemmer: I feel like I’m qualified for the position because I went to school here and have been a part of the community my entire life. I want to see our school strive to be the best.

Why do you feel you are a good candidate to serve on Wolf Point’s school board?

Clark: I have been involved with education for the past 30 years as a part-time Wolf Point School employee, parent committee member and as a trustee. I have been employed at Fort Peck Community College for 30 years and have seen many WPHS students come to the community college to continue their education. I am an asset in making important decisions for the district, but I also contribute to students who are continuing their education after graduating from WPHS.

Wemmer: I feel I’m a good candidate because kids are important to me! I think with being on the school board the most important things are kids and their academics! I care about the kids, I want the kids to succeed academically! I know what it is to work as a team! I believe that’s what we need to do to make the WPSD a great place to work and provide staff with what they need for the kids to learn.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the Wolf Point School District?

Clark: Finding teachers, but this is a national problem not just a local problem. The school district recently increased the teacher wages to help recruit teachers to our area. The schools are seeing more student behavioral issues, so maybe hiring more school counselors or implementing some mindfulness activities to start each day to get students ready for a good day of learning.

Wemmer: I feel the district needs improvement by keeping up on the educational standards. The district needs to try and bring things up to date and get the teachers what they need to supply the kids with the best education. We also need to brainstorm ways to get teachers to come here!

In which areas do you feel the school district could improve?

Clark: Having more housing available and ready for teachers who are willing to move to Wolf Point. The more teachers we hire comes smaller the classes, with smaller classes come better learning and test scores.

Wemmer: I feel like I answered what the school district could do better, it’s updating text books and supplies. Having the school board, administrators and staff all work together for what is best for the kids and leave personal vendettas aside. What are you the most impressed with regarding the Wolf Point School District?

Clark: We have good employees who have dedicated their careers to Wolf Point Schools for our children. I still have grandchildren in our schools and I know they will receive a good education.

Wemmer: I feel WPSD supports each other and has over come some tough times. I feel when they were left without a superintendent and an administrator, others stepped up and helped in positions that were needed and got things in order to start the 22-23 school year! That is team work and we should be proud of them! If we didn’t have these people, it could’ve been a mess.

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