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Pastor’s Corner

What a time of the year, I love it. All things “spring” to life before our eyes. The ranchers are engaged in the yearly process of calving, the farmers are preparing equipment to get seeds in the ground for the fall harvest. This Sunday, we will be gathering in churches in the neighborhoods of Wolf Point and the surrounding area celebrating “Resurrection Sunday.” The Son of God risen from the dead.

At the heart of our Christian faith is the story of a man who dies on a cross and on the third day is raised again to life.

Many of us remember years ago when this very special church service happened only after we sat with mom going through the Sears catalog and choosing our new church clothes. Our family, mom, dad and four boys would march into the small Baptist church in Michigan, go to our pew and listen to special Easter music and hear the story of bewildered disciples searching for their missing teacher/savior. I loved it, how could these men that lived and learned from Jesus not remember? He told them over and over that He would die and after three days, by the power of the Father, rise again.

Today, much has changed. Easter Sunday doesn’t seem to be important to many of the folks I talk with. There may have been a time when I would sit and ponder why? Today, I look inward and ask myself a very searing question; “are you doing all you should be doing to introduce folks in Wolf Point to the living Jesus?” Many people believed that the death of the man ended the story. He had apparently failed in his mission and the God he claimed as his Father had seemingly rejected him. They were mistaken!

On the third day, God raised his Son, his only Son from the dead. God’s act ( John 3:16) restored life to the man and through the man, Christ Jesus, life will be restored to all who are dead in their sin. Come celebrate God’s new life and invite a friend who may also want to hear the Good News of God’s love for them.

Join us Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.

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