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Area Schools Receive Every Student Succeed Report Card

Area school districts recently received their results from the most current Montana Every Student Succeeds Act’s report card.

The act requires each school district and state to release a school report card each year. The information includes details about the school’s environment, student demographics and academic performance. ESSA requires every state to measure performance in reading, math and science. Each state determines the way students are assessed.

As a state, for the 2021-2022 school year, Montana recorded a proficient percentage of 21 percent for math, 29 percent for reading and 24 percent for science. Advanced scores were 14 percent for math, 17 percent for reading and 12 percent for science.

For Culbertson Elementary School, proficiency scores are 16 percent for math, 16 percent for reading and 26 percent for science. Reaching advanced marks were 10 percent in math, 11 percent in reading and 5 percent in science. Nearing proficient scores at 25 percent for math, 23 percent for reading and 52 percent for science.

Marks for Culbertson junior high are 14 percent proficient in math, 16 percent in reading and 6 percent in science. Advanced are 10 percent in math, 4 percent in reading and 6 percent in science. Scores for Culbertson High School included 17 percent proficient in math, 13 percent in reading and 12 percent in science. Advanced scores included 4 percent in reading.

For the Bainville School District, 20 percent reached the proficient level in math, 37 percent in reading and 37 percent in science. Earning advanced scores were 13 percent in math, 9 percent in reading and 13 percent in science.

For the Froid Elementary District, proficiency marks were 24 percent in math, 32 percent in reading and 14 percent in science. Reaching advanced levels were 18 percent in math, 10 percent in reading and 23 percent in science.

Proficiency marks for Froid High School were 25 percent in math, 25 percent in reading and 17 percent in science. Advanced scores were 8 percent in math and 8 percent in reading.

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