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James Lizotte

James Joseph “Togo” Lizotte, 60, of Wolf Point died March 19, 2023.

He was born in Poplar on March 16, 1963, the fourth child and the baby son of Lucy Jane Iron Thunder and Alfred Lizotte Sr.

He was beyond rich with family and friends that he was devoted to and held dear to his heart throughout his lifetime.

In his early years of schooling, both he and his older brother, Meade, spent their time attending Indian boarding schools across the nation until they returned to their hometown of Poplar to complete their high school years at Poplar High School.

He was a “Hunkpapa” enrolled member of the great Sioux nation and learned in his culture and traditions. Many were unaware that he spoke his language fluently with the old dialect as taught to him by elder members of his family and friends that shared the same pride of being Hunkpapa. He lived his life in a manner that was humble without the trappings of material wealth and a time clock. Time and effort were his offerings to the world, and he gave generously to all who needed a helping hand, an uplifting word or someone to help chase away the loneliness that sometimes rested in the hearts of others.

The greatest love of his life was his mother, Lucy Jane, whom he openly gave his respect and love to unconditionally and she in return devoted her life to being her son’s mother till her last breath.

One of the best times the brothers shared with each other was watching TV together. They became so animated and laughed over every little detail in the show. Many things pass through siblings but, for this little group, it was just being together enjoying a normal event in life such as eating, teasing, watching TV or cruising — it was their way of telling each other they were loved.

He was preceded in death by his brother, Alfred Lizotte Jr.

He is survived by his brothers, Meade Lizotte and Terrance Dolzelick; and one grandson.

A viewing will be held on Thursday, March 30, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel in Poplar. Cremation will follow the viewing.

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