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Culbertson Golf Features Six Players


The Culbertson golf team features six golfers this season with six boys and two girls.

Boys on the squad are Hugh Donaldson, Mark Kirkaldie, Will Salvevold and Matthew Wadsworth. Girls are Kylie Bergum and Macy Lambert.

“We have a team without a lot of golf experience,” coach Jimie Lou Morris said. “Mark has been playing golf for a few years, but none of them have played high school golf previously.”

Morris said the team’s goals include continuing to grow and for the golfers to progress all season and for seasons to come.

“They’ve already learned that golf can be frustrating but fun all at the same time,” Morris said. “One of my main goals is to help them learn to love the sport as much I do. Golf is a sport they will be able to play the rest of their lives.”

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