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Commissioners Discuss Opioid Settlement

Roosevelt County commissioners discussed briefly the distribution of checks being received through a multistate settlement regarding the national opioid epidemic.

The settlement holds the nation’s three major pharmaceutical distributors Cardinal, McKesso and AmerisourceBergen — and Johnson & Johnson — accountable for their roles in fueling the national opioid epidemic and the harm it has caused. Montana is anticipated to receive $80 million total.

The first two checks received for Roosevelt County were for $6,451.92 and $3,772.12.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said commissioners will discuss where the funds should go during budgeting time in July.

Considering the impact of the problems from opiates, commissioners feel that $6,000 isn’t a great deal of funds to utilize.

County deputy attorney Thomas Bleicher said it’s his understanding that the funds must be used for opiate abatement.

Requirements for spending the funds include written proposals must be made to the Roosevelt County commissioners, put on the agenda and then discussed and voted upon by the commissioners. Department heads and members of the community should be encouraged to give input.

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