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Work Going Well At County Attorney’s Office

Work Going Well At  County Attorney’s Office Work Going Well At  County Attorney’s Office

Operations are running very smoothly in the Roosevelt County attorney’s office as interim county attorney Janet Christoffersen completed her third week in office last week.

“It’s going great,” Christoffersen said. “We have an incredible staff. The transition has been easy for me.”

Thomas Bleicher started as the county’s deputy county attorney at the start of the new year.

“Tom is a rock star,” Christoffersen said. “He’s very motivated and professional.”

Bleicher noted, “I really like this job. It’s a unique county with a lot of great people. The last few months have been really great. I feel like Roosevelt County is a hidden gem.”

He added, “Janet has been a great friend and mentor during the last three weeks.”

Christoffersen and Bleicher thank legal assistant Erica Fyfe and administrative assistant Christa Wagner for doing outstanding jobs in the office and say that the two are vital.

Christoffersen said she is looking at updating some old forms and making a few other slow positive changes.

“We have a lot of great professionals here. They know their stuff,” Christoffersen said of county employees. “One of the biggest things that I have taken away is that everybody really cares about the county.”

Bleicher added, “It’s one big family.”

They appreciate their working relationships with both the sheriff’s office and county commissioners.

There have been some discussions with the sheriff’s office regarding handling internet crimes against children cases.

“I have the experience to do that from Richland County,” Christoffersen said. She notes the U.S. Attorney’s office has an extremely heavy caseload and can’t handle all the cases. “It’s up to us to pick up some of the slack.

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