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Police, Animal Control Officer Hired

A new patrol officer and an animal control officer for the Wolf Point Police Department were officially hired by the Wolf Point City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

William Charbonneau will serve as a new patrol officer for the city. Angelina Thompson was hired to be the new animal control officer. Both individuals began their duties on Feb. 21.

Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak stressed the need to find volunteers to serve on Wolf Point’s police commission. There is currently only one member on the three-person required board.

Dschaak urged council members to provide him with any ideas of people who might be willing to serve on the police commission.

One area of concern for the council and police is around Northside Elementary School where some drivers have gotten into the habit of performing U-turns.

The council approved installing “No U-Turn” signs on Fourth Avenue North at the intersections of both Garfield and Fallon streets.

Council member John Plestina shared that he has observed problems there while working as a traffic monitor for the school district.

“It is definitely needed,” Plestina said.

Officials noted that there haven’t been any loitering complaints around Triangle Park since park benches were removed by the city on Feb. 14.

Dschaak made the decision to remove the benches after a police officer was assaulted during a routine stop at the park.

“It was the easiest decision at the time,” Dschaak said.

The mayor urged the park and recreation committee to provide the council with recommendations regarding the park.

“I would say the sooner the better,” Dschaak said. “That is and can potentially be a beautiful park. This is not a solution by any stretch.”

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