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Council Considers Limiting Dispensaries

A decision regarding limiting the amount of marijuana dispensaries in Wolf Point appears likely to occur soon.

Wolf Point Chris Dschaak said he wants a resolution for council members to vote on at the March council meeting. Dschaak said the council has been discussing the issue for some time.

“It’s time for action,” Dschaak said.

During the meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21, Dschaak asked if the council could take action regarding a temporary limitation until a resolution is approved. City attorney Phillip DeFelice said a resolution or public notice would be required before the council could make such a decision.

In other news, Greg Lukasik of Great West Engineering reported the bid was much higher than anticipated for the lift station on phase one of the sewer project.

Dschaak expressed frustration regarding the high costs to complete projects in rural Montana.

“It’s not good news, but we will work forward,” he said.

The mayor has been approached by the 100th Stampede committee regarding a city-wide cleanup campaign prior to the celebration. Dschaak said the committee is willing to provide funds to have some of the city’s summer workers help with cleaning up the community.

Dschaak feels the committee wants 20 hours per employee during a three- to four-week period. He said he doesn’t feel that it’s a bad idea, but he wants to make sure the city has other employees to allow them to serve in this area.

A recommendation was reaching out to a Fort Peck program for possible assistance.

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