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Roosevelt County Aging Services would like to remind any seniors who have Medicare and Medicaid that changes may be coming and ask that seniors make sure to open mail from the Office of Public Assistance.

Due to the public health emergency that was declared in March 2020, the Montana Department of Health and Human Services adjusted its eligibility processes for Montana Medicaid programs so individuals would keep their healthcare during the emergency.

The changes to eligibility process include suspending the annual renewal process of checking if individuals qualified for continued healthcare coverage, not processing reported/ discovered changes in circumstances (such as income changes and household size) and not ending an individual’s coverage unless the individual requested it or moved out of state.

Once the PHE end date is announced, DPHHS will finalize the date it will resume processing annual renewals and changes. If DPHHS finds an individual is no longer eligible for Medicaid coverage, they will send the individual a notice in the mail telling them their coverage will end and provide information on how to pursue coverage. If the individual does not complete their renewal, their coverage will end.

Seniors who have Medicare and Medicaid receive a notice from OPA and have any questions and make an appointment with Julie Bach or Alyssa Toavs at Roosevelt County Aging Services. The office is located at 124 Custer St. in Wolf Point. Appointments can be made by calling 406-653-6221.

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