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Commissioners Hear About GNDC Programs

Roosevelt County commissioners heard from representatives of Great Northern Development Corp., during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Tori Matejovsky, executive director, and Brianna Vine, housing specialist, discussed potential new programs to help small business owners and new home buyers. At a later date, the county will have to approve the programs in order for them to become available.

Matejovsky asked the county to renew its annual membership. The membership fee due is $1 per population.

“We appreciate the county’s support,” Matejovsky said.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald serves on GNDC’s general board.

“It’s definitely an organization the commission as a whole support,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said.

In other business, commissioners ask area residents to consider adopting a red roan stud horse from the sheriff’s office. Call the commissioners of the sheriff’s office if interested.

Sheriff Jason Frederick added there might be two other horses who need to be adopted as well.

Commissioners thank Janet Christoffersen for serving as the county’s interim county attorney. She was sworn into office on Monday, Feb. 13.

Frank Piocos was removed from the office of county attorney when District Judge Katherine Bidegaray ruled Piocos wasn’t an eligible candidate in the 2022 general election.

Commissioners have indicated that an election for county election won’t take place until 2024, and that person won’t officially take office until the start of 2025.

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