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Cold Snap To Last Through Sunday

A blizzard warning is in effect at press time, Tuesday, Feb. 21. The heaviest snowfall totals are expected west of Glasgow. Colder air is expected to settle in Tuesday night producing wind chills of 25 to 40 below Wednesday morning. Temps with wind chill are expected to stay subzero through Sunday. Area residents with newborn livestock are advised to take precautions.

National Weather Service Glasgow’s Angel Enriquez said that snowfall accumulations of 4-6 inches are expected from Glasgow to Culbertson.

According to Enriquez, temps may begin to approach zero by Saturday but a high in the 30s on Sunday should mark the beginning of a mild warming trend, combining with lighter winds to make for temps with wind chill in the teens.

Conditions are expected to reach a danger level of “extreme” for newborn livestock throughout the week as temps fall to -18 or colder for two or more hours and/or wind chill with less than 32 degrees and .1” of precipitation is anticipated.

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