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City Removes Benches From Triangle Park

City Removes Benches From Triangle Park City Removes Benches From Triangle Park

After an alleged violent incident took place at Triangle Park on Friday, Feb. 10, benches have been removed from the park.

Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak said the benches were removed on Tuesday, Feb. 14, after a police officer was assaulted in the line of duty. He said there’s no timetable regarding bringing the benches back.

“I will do everything in my power to protect our officers within the bonds that I have,” Dschaak said.

He added that the solution isn’t a great one but was the best one at the time.

“Unfortunately, this uptick in loitering and nuisance calls are disturbing to say the least,” Dschaak said.

He stressed, “It’s another thing what it involves an assault of any law enforcement.”

Dschaak says it’s terrible when any employee needs to seek medical treatment because of an injury on the job.

“I take it very seriously,” Dschaak said.

He has told city employees that if any resident has a concern about the benches being removed, the resident should contact him.

The mayor noted the parks and recreation committee has met during the last few months to discuss beautification and how to make the local parks more usable.

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