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From The Pastor’s Desk

It’s February with all eyes on the calendar, marking off the days until Tuesday the 14th. The day designated to show love.

Our stores have red and white candles, greeting cards and huge heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Still all around we have folks of all ages who want to know “what love is.” Is it a feeling, hearing the words or having your heartbeat in unison with another person?

Paul took the time to explain it in I Corinthians Chapter 13. When you have an opportunity, open a Bible or look it up on your cell phone. It is a beautiful passage that explains what love is and what it is not. The beauty of this passage is the clarity of the message; Love is an action not merely words that we speak.

What will reach out and grab you is verse 8. Love never ends and in verse 13 he concludes the chapter with an amazing statement: of all the great things in life, love is the greatest.

Jesus “did” love repeatedly so all who followed him would truly understand a love that only God could show. In the Book of John chapter 4, Jesus meets a woman that no one else loved. Men had used her and the other women of the village despised and rejected her as part of their world. Jesus met her right where she was, told her of the Father’s love by forgiving her sin.

Many historians write of this woman not only becoming a witness of the love of Christ but also a faithful follower of the One she met late in the afternoon that day.

The story of this woman is a rich example of love, truth, redemption and acceptance. It is a wonderful Valentine’s Day story, showing us what love is. John 3:16 has always been my go-to Valentine Bible verse; God loved me and sent Jesus to prove it.

Show someone you love them with a card, box of chocolate or a warm hug around the neck. By doing one or all of these, you will give two people the warm fussy feeling.

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