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Wolf Point Council Talks Limits On Marijuana Dispensaries

The Wolf Point City Council held its regular meeting Tuesday, Jan. 17, in council chambers.

Phillip DeFelice of St. Marie was approved for hire as the new city attorney. He made brief remarks to the council, indicating that he would prioritize in-person participation when possible. “More than 80 percent of communication is nonverbal,” said DeFelice.

The airport committee reports the new sweeper is working well. Councilman Craig Rodenberg shared a message from contractor John Bach, who said the runway paving project plans have been completed and submitted to the FFA.

The cemetery committee discussed hours of operation but offered no recommendation. They also discussed signage at the cemetery.

Talks about the possible promotion of Wolf Point Police Department Sergeant Enrique Morales are ongoing.

Talks are also ongoing regarding a limit on marijuana dispensaries in Wolf Point. A motion was made to amend the current ordinance, limiting the number of dispensaries. The motion failed. A new resolution is expected to be on the table at the next council meeting.

An urban renewal committee recommendation led to a discounted disposal rate for a local lot cleanup effort. The council passed a motion approving half price dump fees for the project.

Greg Lukasik gave the council an update on the wastewater system improvement project. Bidding for the project starts next month. Lukasik added that April is the target date for Phase 1-A of the project.

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation draw requests were approved in the amount of $4,236.00.

City crews are asking that residents keep plowed snow out of the streets in front of their homes. Police chief Alicia Morales asked that residents avoid pushing snow onto properties they do not own or rent.

Clerk/treasurer Jhona Peterson submitted her monthly activity, revenue and expense reports and the treasurer’s cash report.

A motion was passed permanently moving the January and February meetings to the third Tuesdays of the month to account for holidays. The next regular council meeting is set for Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m.

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