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Police Reports Busy 2022

The amount of calls of service for the Wolf Point Police Department in 2022 was similar to the 2021 total, according to information provided from the department.

There was a total of 6,063 calls during 2022 compared to 6,144 calls of service during the 2021 calendar year.

The Wolf Point Police Department responded to an average of 16.61 calls per day plus 10 or so contacts with individuals with no calls for service created daily.

The calls included 150 reported assaults and 14 aggravated assault calls. An aggravated assault occurs when there’s a serious bodily injury or when a weapon is involved. In 2021, there were 139 assaults and 12 aggravated assaults.

There were 57 reported burglaries, residential and commercial, during 2022. That compares to an 87 total in 2021.

Police reports that there were 60 DUI/alcohol calls during the year. That amount is slightly up from the 52 DUI arrests of 2021.

There were 41 missing person/runaway calls for service. There were only 26 such calls in 2021.

The Wolf Point Police Department made 251 medical calls during 2022.

Police needed to remove “an unwanted person” a total of 550 times during the year. That’s an average of about 10 and a half times a week.

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