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The roles EMS workers play

The roles EMS workers play The roles EMS workers play


Every community has its unsung heroes. Without the contributions of selfless individuals whose efforts often go unnoticed, thriving communities would not be as safe, welcoming or successful.

EMS workers are among the most important individuals in a community. The contributions of these individuals, many of whom work as unpaid volunteers, are invaluable and worthy of recognition. Making an effort to understand the role EMS workers play is a great first step toward showing them how much they鈥檙e appreciated.

What is EMS?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration鈥檚 Office of EMS notes that Emergency Medical Services, or EMS, is a system that provides emergency medical care. The Office of EMS also notes that EMS does not exist in isolation, as it is integrated with other services and systems with the goal of maintaining and enhancing the health and safety of a community and its residents. This is why EMS services, though they vary from community to community, may be based in fire departments, hospitals, independent government agencies, or nonprofit corporations.

What duties do EMS workers perform? Because EMS is a system, EMS workers wear a range of hats. The Office of EMS notes that the responsibilities and services EMS workers provide may include: 路 Incident recognition 路 Access 911 路 Dispatch 路 First responder 路 Basic life support 路 Advanced life support 路 Air/ground transport 路 Emergency department services 路 Specialty care 路 Patient rehabilitation 路 Prevention and awareness 路 Public education When do EMS personnel interact with their communities?

Many people only encounter EMS workers during medical emergencies when they are most in need of help. That underscores the vital role EMS workers play in public health and safety and just how integral they are in instances that could escalate into life-or-death situations.

Recognition of the roles EMS workers play is a great way to show support for these often unsung community heroes.

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