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Influenza Activity High For Time Of Year

According to the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, influenza activity is widespread and has increased statewide every week in December.

Cases and hospitalizations are higher than historically seen during this time of year.

Frances Hayes, RN, of the Roosevelt County Health Department, confirms that case reports of influenza in Roosevelt County are elevated just as in the rest of the state.

It’s not too late to get a flu shot. It’s the number one way to prevent the flu.

Influenza vaccine is available at the following locations: Roosevelt County Health Department – 124 Custer St. Ste. A, Wolf Point, 406-6536223.

Chief Redstone IHS Clinic – 550 6th Ave. N, Wolf Point, 406-653-1641.

Listerud Rural Health Clinic – 301 Knapp St., Wolf Point, 406-653-2150.

Riverside Family Clinic – 209½ A St., Poplar, 406-7685171.

Verne E. Gibbs IHS – 107 H St. E, Poplar, 406-768-3491.

Roosevelt Medical Center Clinic – 818 2nd Ave. E, Culbertson, 406-787-6400.

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