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Area Receives Near Record Amounts Of Snow

Cities in northeastern Montana were hit by record or near record amounts of snowfall during December thanks to a heavy storm days prior to the Christmas holiday.

According to the National Weather Service in Glasgow, new seasonal records were established in Circle at 29.4 inches and Terry at 39.6 inches. The old record in Circle was 27.9 inches in 1985. The previous high amount in Terry was 23.5 inches in 2013. Saco established a new record of 26.3 inches to beat the 2019 mark of 24.8 inches.

Culbertson’s total measured 25.5 inches,which is second all time. The record remains at 30.5 inches in 2010.

Zortman recorded an amount of 39.8 inches, which is third highest in its history. Its record is 55.7 inches in 2019.

The National Weather Service had Wolf Point down for 12 inches of snow, but the data may be incomplete. The record for Wolf Point is 19 inches in 1985 and 1998.

Brockton’s mark was 25 inches. Record for the community is 27.6 inches in 2010.

Glasgow has experienced 34.4 inches of snow during the winter. It’s fourth highest on record. The all-time record is 38.5 inches in 2010.

Malta had 18.6 inches for its third highest in history and Plentywood received 16.1 inches for its seventh highest in history. Other amounts were 18.9 in Sidney and 18.1 inches in Glendive.

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