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Northside Students Entertain With Program

Northside Students Entertain With Program Northside Students Entertain With Program

On the final week of school before the holiday break, Northside Elementary School students performed its Holidaze 2022 program on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

Sixth-grade band members played three songs for audience members. Band teacher Russell Johnson explained that it was good experience for the students to play in public and noted how much the band has improved during the year.

Students in the sixth-grade band include Kymani Archabault, Dayl Birdsbill, Jennifer Brown, Koden Campbell, Kennessa Cochran, Nancy Comes Last, James Corpron, Murias DuPree, Liam Headdress, Katelyn Jackson, Maia Kent, Amaya Lowdog, Brandalyn Martell, Rydell Mays, Vincent Nefzger, McKinlee Paulson, Amari’ Ricker, McKenzie Rodenberg, Franklin Smoker-Martell and Amari Spotted Wolf.

The fourth grade then performed a musical play titled, ‘ Twas the Night Before Christmas. Songs included Christmas is Coming, The Sugar Plums, St. Nick at Night, Reindeer on the Roof and When I Look at Santa.

Narrators were Adam Magura, Aaron Gustafson, Enzo Castro-Stretches, Kori Hentges, Aaliyah White, Lane All Runner, Brayden Birdsbill, Mia Martell, Chans Standing, Draeson Eakins, Amara Peterson, Raven Moran, Caydee Gorder, William Johnson, Aubriana Birdsbill, Brooklyn Turcotte, Mason Brock, Kiara Russell and Kendrik Escarsaga.

The fifth-grade band’s play was The Big Chill. Christmas for the performance included

The Big Chill, Snow Day, A

Day at Home, Seven Feet of Snow! and Jingle Bell Rock.

Among the actors were Emmit Jackson, Brandon Bigleggins and Adrienne Peterson as weather reporters, Brylie Bearcub, Dez Clark, Kar’myn Foote and Derrick Montclair as teachers, Justin Watson as the bus driver, Xavian Robinson as the coach, Scarlett Brien, Maleena Fast Horse, Amya Martinez, Karley Strait, Lakota Greybull, Zach Dionne and Ace Christian-Adams as students, Cali Gorder as the principal, Tayven Bauer as assistant principal and Tyler Huber as superintendent.

The plays were directed by Bridget Drummond.

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