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Wolf Point City Council Hires New Attorney

The Wolf Point City Council held their regular meeting Monday, Dec. 19. Mayor Chris Dschaak said he has been inundated with requests for payment agreements so that customers can pay past due and restore service. He asked city personnel to create a formal policy. He said a new policy should be ready by the January meeting.

Greg Lukasik with Great West Engineering gave the council an update on wastewater system improvements. He said phase one will see bidding start next month after the holidays. He added that contractors are planning phase one in two parts, phases 1A and 1B, beginning in February or March.

A motion was passed to offer attorney Phillip Defelice a one-year contract for legal services, replacing Anna Rose Sullivan.

Committee recommendations for an urban renewal project on Wolf Point’s north side led to a motion approving a fee of $16 per ton for lot cleanup, a reduction of 50 percent.

DNRC draw requests were approved by the council in the amount of $4,236.75.

Dschaak asked city residents to pile snow off the street to make streets and roads easier to keep up with. “If you have the ability to put snow in your yard or a lot, please do,” Dschaak said.

Discussion is ongoing regarding a possible ban on malt liquor in city limits. Discussion is also ongoing to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries in the area to four businesses. An initial motion to amend the resolution to set a limit of four dispensaries failed. The council agreed to hear a formal resolution on the matter at the January meeting, pending legal review.

The new sweeper is working well at L.M. Clayton Airport, according to committee reports. Additions and changes for cemetery rules and hours of operation were presented by the parks/rec/ cemetery/tree committee. No action was taken.

A motion was passed to permanently change the January and February meetings to the third Tuesday of the month to account for holiday schedules.

Traci Harada was reappointed by the mayor for another one-year term as Wolf Point City Judge.

The monthly activity report for the Wolf Point Police Department was shared. A letter of recommendation for promotion was submitted for Sgt. Enrique Morales. Dschaak said a new police commission needs to be formed and asked committees to consider the matter. Talks are ongoing. During discussions, council member Lance FourStar said he would be moving to Helena and wanted to register his willingness to consider Morales for promotion. Dschaak pointed out that no auto theft or tampering reports have been filed in the past week, despite many social media reports of suspicious activity and possible crimes. “If you have a break-in, please call 911 to make a report,” said Dschaak.

The next council meeting is set for Jan. 17.

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