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Gianforte Recommends Increased Funding For Montana Nursing Homes

The Gianforte Administration has proposed to bump up the per diem for the stressed facilities, but only for a fraction of the recommended increased rates.

Nursing homes are on the ropes financially, and so far, 11 facilities have closed or announced closures in the state, according to data from the Montana Health Care Association.

They also have been operating at well below capacity, recently at roughly 52.7 percent, according to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Last week during a presentation to a legislative budget committee, lawmakers heard findings from the study commissioned by the Health Department.

The Guidehouse report recommended a per diem rate of $278.75, up from the current rate of $208.71. But nursing homes aren’t likely to see the full increase.

The proposed budget from the Governor’s Office requests funding generally 58 percent of the gap the study identified in 2024 and 36 percent of that differential in 2025, according to the report to legislators.

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