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Few Crashes Reported Despite Winter Weather

Although eastern Montana was hit hard with a snow storm, the Montana Highway Patrol is thankful that there were few reported crashes in the area.

Sgt. Jeff Kent of the Montana Highway Patrol said, “So far, we’ve been fortunate.”

A crash on Montana 16 near mile marker 2 north of Culbertson took place at around noon Saturday, Dec. 17.

Kent said he is also aware of minor injury crashes in Valley County on Dec. 15 and McCone County on Dec. 16.

Non-injury crashes occurred on Montana 25 near mile marker 51 on Dec. 17; on the Medicine Bear on Dec. 14; on Montana 25, mile marker 52, on Dec. 14; on S. 250, mile marker 39, on Dec. 13; and on U.S. Highway 2, mile marker 659, on Dec. 13.

Kent urges drivers to be prepared when traveling in extreme weather conditions.

“Make sure your vehicle is in good driving condition,” he said. “If you don’t have to travel, don’t travel.”

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