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Dear Santa, How are you ….

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I have been good this year. Theres a couple things I want a ps5 for Christams and a lego mustang that all. How many elves do you have? how’s Mrs. Claus?


Tyson Taylor


Dear Santa, May you get me 2 book? May you get me a new football, new football gloves and a new bik and helment? How are you and your elves?

Thank you, Travis

MMM Dear Santa, I’m being good this year. Can I get a black panther. Can I get a black blanket and pillow? Is it cold in the North Pole?

Your Friend, Elisha


Dear Santa, I tried to be good but my Brother was annoying me What I wouldlike for Christmas is a dirt-bike, a phone, pokemon cards, and a banana chair a gaming chair. Do you have a polar bears? Whats your head coach elf’s name?

Thank you, Kashtyn

MMM Dear Santa, How are you doing? Santa may I please get an electric scooter and a lot of long gresses. How is Mrs.

Claus? How are the elves? Santa Hoow are your?

Your Friend,

Rylee Lee


Dear Santa, I want a new hover Board a new robot, a stuffed animal and a bord game. Hi santa I think I have been good this year. Thank you for helping kids and familys.

Your Friend, Weston


Dear Santa, May I have some lego’s? May I have a rc car. May I have a calender? May I have a book. May I have some hotwheels. I tried my best to be nice.

Your Friend, Asher Haunstein


Dear Santa, I have been really good. I would like a birth stone ring for October, Nike Airforce, mini squishmellows, and tennis shoes. How are your reindeer? I hope I can see sometime. How has Mrs. Claus been? I hope you can come to my house.

Love, Harlee Dear Santa, I know how the elves get to the North Pole. I hope they are telling you good things. Have your heard that they are coming to Disney World with us! I would like a mini farm set and that is all I can think of. Oh, and a good trip to Disney World.

Your Friend, Baylour


Dear Santa I hope youv’e had a lovely time with Mrs.Claus and your elves.

They have probably been working really hard on making toys and presents for the whole world. You know that every kid deserves one. I don’t think my brother deserves one, [Oliver] , he put a hole in my wall ! I’ve been working really hard on the farm and ranch. Helping my dad here and there. Getting ready for 4-H for next year. I might go somewhere special. I will go to my dad’s mom’s house in Carrington North Dakota. Then I will come back to my home in Montana. I do have something special for you and Mrs.Claus.

You’ll see when you come to my house. Hope you have a good time Santa.

Your Friend Beau Becker


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