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Wolf Point Police Blotter

( Publisher’s Note: The following blotter includes the activities of the Wolf Point police and fire departments Nov. 28 through Dec. 4. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent.)

November 28

Casey Kawasaki, 61, male, 600 block of U.S. Highway 2, assault, municipal court.

Austin Barr, 37, male, 200 block of Granville Street, warrant, tribal court.

November 30

Kasey Murphy, 32, male 200 block of Granville Street, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, tribal court.

Matthew Toavs, 44, male, 300 block of Knapp Street, aggravated disorderly conduct, tribal court.

December 3

Roberto Bearhill, 20, male, 700 block of Knapp Street, minor in possession, tribal court.

Jaylen Aguilar, 19, male, 7400 block of Knapp Street, minor in possession, tribal court.

Dyson Todd Russell, 20, male, 700 block of Knapp Street, minor in possession, tribal court.

Damica McConnell, 27, female, 200 block of East Main Street, partner/family member assault, endangering the welfare of children (two counts) and warrant, tribal court.

In addition to the citations above, the WPPD had the following activity: abandoned auto, one; accident/hit and run, one; alarm/burglary, three; alarm/business, one; alarm/ fire, two; alarm/residence, one; alarm/school, one; animal/ barking dog, one; animal/dog bite, one; animal, two; animal/ stray, one; animal/weapon discharge, one; assault, three; assault/aggravated, one; assault/ attempted/aggravated, one; assistance required/ law enforcement, one; assistance required/public, four; disorderly conduct, one; disorderly conduct/vagrant, two; disturbance/arguments, two; disturbance, one; disturbance/ remove unwanted person, four; domestic abuse, one; domestic/family disturbance, one; fire, two; fraud, one; harassment - vocal/nuisance, one; loitering/panhandling, one; patrol/city limits, four; public intoxication, one; public safety - flood/high water, one; simple assault, one; suicide attempt/adult male, one; suicide ideation/adult female, one; suspicious activity, three; suspicious activity/ premises, one; theft, two; traffic incident, one; traffic property/ other motor vehicle, one; traffic roads/parking, one; trespassing, three; truancy, one; unauthorized use of motor vehicle, one; weapon offense, one; welfare check, three; total, 70.

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