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Lustre News

It was Christmas Spirit Day in Lustre at Mrs. Damboise’s first and second classroom on Friday, Dec 2. Piper Neufeld chose to be a shepherd.

The Christmas concert for both Lustre Grade School and Lustre Christian High School will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8, at the grade school gymnasium.

The Lustre Grade School board had been patiently waiting for visas to clear for their third and fourth grade teacher, Prince Agbisit. He arrived and has completed a week of school with the children.

Afbisit grew up in Ilocos sur, a southern region of Luzon, Philippines. “Mr. Prince” as the children have been asked to call him, taught last year in Thailand, where he had five grades of four sections each with 80 students per grade, teaching English as a second language.

He says the weather here is overwhelming, but Lustre feels like home with the friendliness and family welcome. He intends to follow his father’s advice to be humble and help others.

“My students will know they are loved,” said Agbisit. “They will have confidence to succeed and they need not be in competition to succeed.”

Agbisit loves music and art and his classroom is bright with learning stations and bulletin boards. Students are learning to write stories and are working on writing Christmas plays which the class will do before Christmas break.

Basketball began with the invitational tournament held at Glasgow for the high school level on Friday and Saturday. Friday, the girls’ team lost to Malta JV by two points, 46-44. The boys’ team overcame the Malta boys 5623. The teams will participate in the Scobey Invitational Basketball Tournament next weekend, Dec 9-10.

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