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Frontier School Takes Safety Measures

Frontier School Takes  Safety Measures Frontier School Takes  Safety Measures


With headlines across the country regarding violence in schools, officials at Frontier Elementary School are taking steps to keep their students and staff as safe as possible.

Frontier Superintendent of Schools Patrick Drapeau said three safety measures are starting in December.

Beginning in December, all classrooms will have phones.

All doors will be locked, and use FAB systems instead as traditional keys.

Access will be limited regarding who can enter the school building.

“We need to know who’s coming in and entering the building,” Drapeau said.

He noted that in case of emergency, all doors can be locked by school officials by using a cellphone.

The school board discussed these measures during meetings. “We talked about it with everything going on in the world,” Drapeau said.

On another note, Drapeau is excited about the addition of interactive computer programs to assist students’ learning.

“The teachers really enjoy it. I think the students like it,” Drapeau said.

Other positive news is that students will begin receiving art instruction from teacher Vivian Stevenson beginning next month. Students will be exposed to art on a daily basis.

Frontier also extended its music program this year. A Christmas music program is scheduled for Dec. 15.

Enrollment is up to 127 students. Drapeau hopes to reach the pre-COVID figure of 144 students.

“That’s one of my goals as a superintendent,” he said.

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