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Froid School Nov. 28: ….

Froid School  Nov. 28: …. Froid School  Nov. 28: ….

Froid School Nov. 28: Chicken stripsk baby baker potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Nov. 29: Beenie weenies, corn bread, vegetables and fruit.

Nov. 30: Chicken gravy, mashed potatoes, buns, vegetables and dessert.

Dec. 1: Pizza pasta, garlic bread, vegetables and fruit.

Dec. 2: Leftovers. *** Culbertson School Nov. 28: Chicken sandwiches, fresh broccoli and fruit cups.

Nov. 29: Tater tot casserole, mixed vegetables and peaches.

Nov. 30: Sub sandwiches, cottage cheese and pears.

Dec. 1: Green chili chicken enchiladas cheesy pinto beans and mandarin oranges.

Dec. 2: Corn dogs, fries and strawberry cups.

*** Bainville School Nov. 21: Breakfast: French toast sticks. Lunch: Egg or tuna salad sandwiches, celery and tropical fruit.

Nov. 22: Breakfast: Oatmeal. Lunch: Tacos in a bag, taco bar and bananas.

Nov. 23: Breakfast: Parfaits. Lunch: Chicken and rice, mixed vegetables and pears.

Nov. 24: Breakfast: Breakfast burritos. Lunch: Burgers, fries, topping bar and peaches.

Nov. 25: Breakfast: Egg bake. Lunch: Chicken alfredo, broccoli and grapes.

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