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Residents Urged To Complete Hazard Survey

Residents are urged to complete a survey that will assist with the creation of a new regional hazard mitigation plan.

The State of Montana Disaster and Emergency Services is forming the plan that will encompass all counties, municipalities and tribal nations in the Eastern region of Montana.

“The purpose of this survey is to collect information from the public and stakeholders to better understand the vulnerabilities within the Eastern region as well as solicit input on needs to best mitigate, or reduce, the impacts of hazards before they occur,” Roosevelt County DES coordinator Lindsey McNabb said. “The feedback will be shared with local planning committees to inform the planning process.”

The survey is available at share/e73a84e5120b43e1b7d1c-fac3e325d86, Deadline for completion is Nov. 28.

The plan will analyze each county, municipality and tribe’s vulnerabilities to natural and human-caused hazards and identifies mitigation actions that can be taken to minimize property damage and improve life safety prior to a hazard event.

The survey includes ranking hazard significance, scoring pre-disaster mitigation actions and providing pre-disaster mitigation action ideas.

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