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Pastor’s Corner

I was asked to comment on the “purpose of the local church”. Does it still have relevancy, does it still need to be an integral part of our life as well as the community we serve? You know what I think means nothing...what my heart tells me is worthless... but what the Wolrd of God makes clea; now that is worth looking into.

Take a moment and read Acts 2:42-49, I believe this to be the most concise actuate descriptive passage on what is the purpose of Cornerstone Bible Church?

Verse 42, the important worked here is “devoted”, that is more than merely doing it is taking preeminence over everything. They were taught, they fellowshipped, ate, and they prayed together as a local gathering of Believers.

Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: To us that should clarify what is said in verse 44 and 45. All things in common including the goal of showing others the change Jesus had made in their lives.

They attend church (temple) and fellowshipped in their homes, gladly and with (and I love this) generous hearts, verse 46.

The frosting with cherry on top!! Verse 47 They praised God and nobody could find fault with them and because of this...drum roll please...Evangelism happened. Day by day the LORD added those who followed Christ as Savior.

Are we devoted to the teaching of the Word, do we fellowship, eat and pray together?

Do we work together because we have a common goal?

Do we share fellowship at church and each other’s homes?

Do we praise God, are we living upright lives in Wolf Point. Is Evangelism happening?

Then and only then are we living Acts 2 and realize the purpose of the local Church in Wolf Point. Can I get an “AMEN”?

Because HE Lives.

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